We Stock Repaired Digitrak Transmitters

For All Locators. Even F5, F2, and SE.

Same day shipping available. RS will charge a refundable deposit (core charge) on top of the regular repair price and mail a working transmitter on the day of your request. The deposit will be refunded back to you as soon as we receive your broken transmitter.


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Repair process

RS’s team of professionally trained engineers brings more than 165 years of combined experience to offer precise service and support to our customers. In fact, our engineering team currently holds 11 patents and has published more than 20 widely noted articles on variety of topics including horizontal directional drilling navigation. Our engineers are simply the best in the business.

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Why choose us ?

RS backs every repaired transmitter with a 100 day warranty, exceeding factory standards. We have successfully repaired thousands of broken transmitters considered non-repairable in the past including Digital Control Digitrak® Mark, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Eclipse®, F2™, F5™, LT™ & SE™ as well as McLaughlin Spot D Tek® saving our customers millions of dollars.

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Power up for less

RS Nicad battery packs compatible with DigiTrak® Mark II/III/IV/V, Eclipse® and LT™ receivers and remote displays. We offer 2 types of Extended Life Lithium Batteries that fit all DCI transmitters. First type is exactly the same as DigiTrak® SuperCell™ and the second type is Chinese aftermarket lithuim battery that has half the battery life comparing to Supercell™.navigation. Our engineers are simply the best in the business.

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